Case Management

Customized to you

Manage your cases, documents, payments, invoices, and more. All in one place, accessed wherever you are.


Vital Collection

Collect the vital information you need in the order you need it. Add a field, hide a field, and reorder to fit into your already perfected process.

Documents & eSignature

Create all of the documents you need to sign in-person or through eSignature. Documents are created automatically for the services provided.

Payment processing

Accept secure payments in-person and online. Competitive blended rates for all credit cards.

Guide families online

As if they walked in

Our online arranging tools make you the leader with educational videos, real-time pricing, high-quality photos, and an ecommerce experience unlike anything out there.


Education from experts: you

Your communities are looking for funeral guidance, but they'll likely find inaccurate information online. You and your staff are the experts in your community on all things funerals.

More than packages

Automatically generate quotes based on the selections families make. Forget fitting into three packages and offer your families all of the services you offer in-person.

Burial and Cremation

Offer both cremation and burial online without decreasing ARPC.

All your inventory

Unlimited products

Display all your products & services without needing more physical space. Use your precious real estate to offer more to families.



Endless merchandise

Offer endless products and merchandise from all of your vendors. Display videos, images, and descriptions.

Beautifully shown in-person

Connect to the TV screen in your arrangement room to guide families through all of their options.

Never miss an offering

With Afterword, every Funeral Director at your firm can guide families through every product you offer in the order your best director takes them through.

Reporting & Analytics

Like you've never seen

Our reporting engine gives you unprecedented control and visibility into how your business is doing and how you can improve your core business drivers.


Measure what matters

You collect so much data throughout the arrangement process—visualize all of it with industry standard KPIs and custom metrics unique to your funeral home.

Real-time data

With our real-time dashboards, your team can measure, monitor, and track every important detail of your business operations.

Insights to increase revenue

Youll understand your business like never before and find ways to improve your quality of service, your team's performance, and your bottom line.

How is your average revenue per case (ARPC) trending?

Our customers have increased ARPC by 9%.
You could increase revenue by $104,400*.

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Calculate your potential increase*

Revenue potential of $104,400*

Assumptions: ARPCs of $7K (burial) and $5K (cremation).
Results may vary based on a number of factors.

A comprehensive solution to replace & unify your existing tools

Case Management

Manage your cases, documents, payments, invoices, and more. All in one place, accessed wherever you are.

Virtual Funeral Assistant

Meet your families where they are without sacrificing your care and personal touch. Guide families through their decisions with videos of your team.

Sympathy Store

Increase revenue by curating local sympathy gifts for guests to better support families. From dog walkers, childcare, lawn care, and flowers.

Digital Register Book

Capture all attendance at all of your services, wherever they take place. Using iPads and QR codes, guests can register for a service easily.


Connect to the many systems you already use to run your business. Afterword has flexible APIs to integrate all of your existing systems.

Payments & Billing

Collect secure payments from all major credit cards with one blended rate. Collect them in-person, online, or through email.

Proven success from our customers

Funeral Homes like yours are benefitting from Afterword across nearly every metric. Here are the top 4 highlights:


Increase your ARPC by 9%

Afterword's early adopters have increased their average revenue per case (ARPC) by 9% across burial and cremation cases without changing their process or prices. For funeral homes with at least 200 cases, this could increase your bottom line by upwards of $100,000. Calculate your own revenue potential.


Secure 20% of online leads

Afterword's Virtual Funeral Assistant leads to significantly higher conversion rates than the industry standard of 10%. The best interface is your face—your video guidance yields higher conversion and better experiences for families.


Service both cremation and burial families online

It's not just cremation—despite common belief, you can service every type of disposition online. Our early customers are seeing over 30% burial for families planning online.


Consistent ARPC online and in-person

Whether a family comes to you in-person or online, our platform keeps ARPC consistent, with a variance of less than 5%. Meet your families where they are without sacrificing your care and personal touch.

What funeral directors are saying

Rated 5.0 stars & trusted by hundreds of families

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