Virtual Memorial Services

While we don't offer virtual services anymore, we've partnered with the best virtual memorial facilitators to help plan virtual funerals as unique as your someone. You don't have to do this alone.

They can customize the experience to create a unique and memorable service, entirely online, featuring eulogies, speeches, photos, songs, and videos.

All Virtual Memorial Packages come with the following:

  • Support for virtual guests & speakers so you can include your community wherever they are
  • Online memorial page to share invites and capture words of condolences
  • Dedicated planner to lead planning session and answer all your questions
  • Professional facilitation of the memorial and leading of open storytelling
  • Recording of the memorial for future viewing or anyone who can't attend

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What are Virtual Memorials?

Virtual services are similar to traditional services: there are eulogies, speeches, and faith elements. Because the service is entirely virtual, we can customize the experience to create a unique and memorable service, entirely online. Families can include pre-recordings, slideshows, live performances and more.

After the program, we invite guests to share a memory or a story with everyone online. With the sharing circle, family and friends are able to hear from everyone from different aspects of someone’s life. It’s unique to the virtual service and quite beautiful.

We work with families to create unique slideshows, featuring photos, songs, and videos. These slideshows can also feature voiceovers, transitions, and any effects the families can imagine. All services are recorded, edited, and stored for the family forever.

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